O.R has been running monthly Shares since 2010.

Our Shares were for a short while open to everyone, O.R trained or not, but sadly that proved not to be a practical proposition, as 

a) the group became too big 

b) the significant discrepancies in training, approach and practical experiences of the participants, instead of being an enriching factor as was hoped, sadly slowed down the natural progression/cohesion of the group. 

It was with regret therefore that I had to once again limit access to the Shares to O.R current /former students, and their students.

Venue and Cost:  Shares take place at O.R and can only accommodate up to 16 participants for work in pairs, so please book your place in advance (£7 for the afternoon) 


If you have been trained somewhere else, resonate with the O.R spirit and

  • have lost touch with your own teacher for whatever reason
  • have recently moved to Oxford(shire) and really want to keep your Reiki going and meet like-minded people
  • did your Reiki 1 so long ago that you would like to start from scratch again and attend a workshop or (one-to-one) Refresher Course

please contact me to discuss options.



   'REIKI for LIFE'

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