Over the years, I have been approached by a number of people who were unwell and wanted to be attuned to Reiki for self-healing purposes.

Whether you are thinking of using self-reiki

  • to alleviate chronic or acute physical conditions
  • as gentle complementary help for challenging treatments you are already receiving
  • as a simple, natural, nurturing way of dealing with -or supporting existing treatments of-emotional problems,
  • or for help at times of deep spiritual crisis,

self-reiki is an invaluable tool which you can use either on top of professional Reiki treatments to start with, then, as soon as you feel better, as your main source of Reiki; or as self help straightaway. (You obviously always have the option of coming for a top-up or receiving a Distance Treatment from me whenever you need one).


The SELF-HEALING course is taught over two x 2 and a half hour sessions, on separate days or indeed the same day (eg 10am-12.30am & 1.30pm-4pm)


The course includes:

  • Discussing what Reiki is about
  • two 30 minute treatments from me
  • two Attunements (formal 'connection' to Reiki)
  • practising how to use  self-reiki optimally
  • the O.R self-reiki illustrated manual
  • tea/biscuits

Self Reiki one-to-one:

One-to-one teaching is slightly more expensive, but a) it caters to your unique needs  and b) I am able to give you 2 x 30 minute treatments as part of it, which unfortunately is not possible with groups.

If a carer / loved one is accompanying you, they are very welcome to stay for some of the time.

If the person needing to learn self-reiki is a child and you the parent are not already attuned to Reiki, I strongly suggest you consider doing the course together. This will help your child tremendously. 

Self Reiki in groups

Whether you are a group of friends or relatives, or an employer wishing to introduce your staff to this beautifully simple technique for reducing stress level and boosting the immune system, please contact me to discuss specific requirements, costs etc. 


I personally am a firm advocate of Self Reiki (please read about my own experience of self healing in About AMA). Regular self-reiki is a fundamental part of my Reiki teaching at all levels.


Should you at a later date wish to learn how to give treatments to others, all it will take will be another (3 hour) session and you will receive your OXFORD REIKI  full Reiki 1 Certificate on completion...

If you have already been attuned to Reiki, but have lost your confidence because you haven't used Reiki for a while, I offer 'refresher' courses for the Self Healing part too. This should only take one x 2 and a  half hour session (please bring your Reiki Certificate)

The fees for the Self Healing course are:

One-to-one: £130

Pairs: £90 each

Groups: please talk to me as this depends on the size of the group, which will determine whether I need an assistant or not.



   'REIKI for LIFE'

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