When students finish Reiki 3 or Reiki 4, they often ask: 'And now what?'

 Even Reiki 1 or Reiki 2 students who know they don't want to become therapists and are more interested in self-healing than treating friends /relatives sometimes wish they could just carry on exploring the more spiritual and psychic facets of Reiki.

...That is how my Reiki-based CSPD course first emerged...


 Before I describe what the course is about, let me share a few observations based on my experience as a Teacher/ Master Practitioner.

 The deeper you get into Reiki, the more you love it... Reiki has become an integral part of your life. It is not something you do, it is something you live, on a daily (hourly!) basis. It supports and guides you through your life's ups and downs, and by proxy has a positive effect on all the people around you too.

 So you reach a stage when it feels virtually inconceivable not to pursue your relationship with Reiki.

 Most people will simply continue using self-reiki and giving treatments to friends -or to the general public if they have set up a practice.  

 Some will be lucky enough to be able to join Reiki Shares near where they live.

 And others will wish to carry on exploring Reiki with their Teacher outside the expectations and limitations of a set course.


Apart from the very noticeable improvements in physical, emotional and mental health and raised levels of happiness associated with Reiki, many people (though by any means not everyone) notice a gradual development of their natural psychic abilities.

In my Reiki1 to Reiki 4 one-to-one teaching for example, I regularly come across students who have amazing psychic experiences right from the start of Reiki 1, while others have had very few by the time they finish  R3 or R4. Not that there is anything wrong with that... Reiki never was primarily about psychic development. It simply encompasses it if -and only if- the person feels completely comfortable with it.  

Reiki is all about spiritual development.


So to come back to my students' original question: 'And now what?', well, I for one clearly developed the most after I qualified as a Master/Teacher! I had a strong sense that my training had only skimmed the surface of Reiki, and 'knew' there was a great deal more to explore...  I can honestly say that my own spiritual and psychic development literally changed gear the moment I started teaching, 6 years ago...

Not only did my continuing and growing connection with Reiki bring back the psychic gifts I was born with, which had been largely dormant for decades; not only has it been helping me explore exciting new areas ever since; but the spiritual growth which naturally resulted from my deep commitment to Reiki over the years, has gradually translated into strong spiritual energy which facilitates, enables and speeds up other people's spiritual and psychic development.

I was shown first hand that a very safe way of developing psychically is simply to continue developing spiritually, so the various psychic gifts just effortlessly and naturally 'appear' in our lives when we are ready for them. These psychic gifts are like bonuses or gifts from Reiki. 

When you talk to people who are keen to develop psychically, they often say they simply don't know where to start... Too many different avenues... So they do a lot of reading, go to various courses and workshops that specialise in one aspect or another (or them all!), and often end up confused and frustrated because they are getting contradictory information and do not know whom to follow or what to believe any more.

With the Reiki-based method, this doesn't happen. We do not have to tick any items on a psychic gifts catalogue and place our order...

Through Reiki we are gradually made aware of what our natural psychic abilities are, and we just start developing them. Everything feels natural, because everything happens in the right way at the right time for us. There is no fear, no doubting with this method, and NO place for EGO.


So how does it work? What happens in a CSPD session?

 The truth is I never know what is going to happen in any particular session until it does... Reiki is genius at keeping us humble!!! 

What I can say is that, apart from a minimum Reiki foundation, this course comes with no preconceptions, no limitations, no rigid plans, no syllabus, no manual, no case studies, no set gaps between sessions, no certificates at the end ('cos there is no end...), though Certificates of Attendance do get issued whenever you need proof of attending the course for CPD or other purposes.

What it does come with is total freedom to explore, total openness and trust that through Reiki -as always- we are shown exactly what we need and what we are ready for.

Having said that, here is some basic idea of how the average session goes:

  • we start by discussing anything that has been preoccupying or interesting you.
  • Then, if it is relevant, we go into some guided meditation.
  • The rest of the session involves receiving Reiki, not for physical, emotional or mental healing (though, typically, Reiki may well throw some in as a bonus if it is important), but very much for your spiritual and psychic development. This is the 'highest' form of Reiki healing, which is very powerful and often life changing.
  • During or after this special Reiki treatment (for which incidentally you lie on the table very much like for an ordinary treatment), we discuss what's been happening.
  • The session usually ends with an Empowerment, to help you absorb and integrate over the following days /weeks the valuable lessons learnt that day.

The point of using Reiki as the foundation for this type of experience is that 


I have sadly in the past come across people who had been badly damaged by unsafe psychic practices.

Thankfully Reiki PROTECTS the practitioner from any possible harm. Being this very high Love energy, Reiki simply CANNOT harm. It can only help us grow in an organic, safe and gradual way, following our own natural abilities, degree of openness and awareness.

Sessions are for one hour and 90 minutes. You can have them however often you need them or simply when you feel 'ready for the next stage'.

The charge is £40/ one hour session, and £55/ hour and a half session.


• What if I am interested in this CSPD course but have not been attuned to Reiki?

Being attuned and using Reiki regularly are prerequisites for this course for the reasons stated above.

Another reason is that Reiki is a very balancing energy, so while you develop spiritually and psychically (higher chakras) with CSPDdaily Self-Reiki will keep you grounded and balanced (lower chakras). 

The minimum required to start CSPD is the Self-Healing part of Reiki 1, ie the first two R1 sessions, which can be covered very quickly.

• Can I become a CSPD student if I did my Reiki training with someone else?

 Of course you can... I shall want to meet you first for an Introductory Session to a) give you some healing and b) make sure we are happy working together.

 Please bring your Reiki Certificate(s).



 This is what a student, B.E, a researcher, said about her experience of Continuing Spiritual & Psychic Development.

'I have been a student of AMA's since 2008 and have been counting my blessings ever since. I started with her at reiki 2 level and last year I completed my training for reiki 4 under her guidance.

AMA taught me how to live reiki, not in a theoretical way but through life itself. Apart from my reiki courses, I started going to AMA for reiki and spiritual guidance since early 2009. Every single word that has been spoken to me has been spoken directly to my heart and has helped me grow a tiny bit more. I never really looked for easy ways out or psychic powers - tempting as they are. My deepest and highest self has always been thirsty for love and peace, acceptance and strength, not power.

 I have learnt -and still am learning, to be honest- to relinquish the power, the "I" want, and give myself to reiki and love. This has been through what seems like tiny little steps and some massive "penny dropping" moments(when i just realised i was ready to make personal progress).I started by feeling what it means not to be ever alone with reiki, what it means to be absolutely safe, to empower yourself if you really want to support others.  

 AMA is the humblest servant of reiki and that is the greatest honour I can think of. My heart looks for her in its most trying moments and always finds the strength to grow through the several adversities that life has brought me. Frequently, I am so amazed at how lucky I and my loved ones (through me) are to have AMA's fountain of reiki in our lives.

 I still go to AMA and will continue to go for as long as physically possible, for I feel free there to be more myself than anywhere else, grow at my own pace never having any pressure at all. I have grown and hopefully will keep growing spiritually. Along with AMA I have found that life for me means learning how to love better. Doesn't make it easy, nor does it make it dramatic. It is just my own personal truth that I have found in my spiritual guidance sessions with AMA all these years.

 There was an incredibly long period of suffering in my life due to some tragic circumstances beyond my control and I was tempted to seek "psychic fixes". Tempted I say because the 'I' part of me never really wanted them (no one else convinced me otherwise), and knew deep inside that I would not be truly happy unless I dealt with what i had on my plate. And when AMA told me that psychic gifts are best given as part of spiritual development, I sighed with relief. Because, it is kinda hard to try and force these things to happen when you want to. And why?

 I have been given beautiful psychic experiences, and I am blessed and grateful for them. But now I see them as a bonus, because my joy comes in letting go and accepting the wonder and wisdom of reiki. I just accept myself, my life and try to do better, failing some times but with love for myself. The psychic gifts are moving, but more so the endless love that i receive, which i can share with others, and the feeling of being safe, knowing that i am fine in the Now and reiki will look after the rest.

 I am so incredibly blessed, and many of my friends and family have pursued reiki after seeing me well with reiki (I never preach). What is true for all of my loved ones, is that they all love and respect AMA because her little student, 'ever-student', always shines after a session with her!

 We all grow together, and each in his/her own ways. I have been listening to my heart and AMA speaks to it through reiki silences as well as reiki words. I am loving my Now and look forward to walking with reiki to whatever is next.




   'REIKI for LIFE'

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