This is for people who have already been attuned to Reiki and done a minimum of one Level, with O.R or another school (if from another school, please bring your Certificate or email me a photocopy before we meet).

Understandably not everyone wants to go on to the next Levels, do Case Studies etc. This should not preclude you from continuing to learn about Reiki and become a stronger channel.

This session is based around receiving a treatment from me. In addition

  • I shall answer any question you may have about Reiki before we start, 
  • we will exchange feedback during the treatment about what the energy is doing,
  • if it is helpful, you can also practise on me, for which I will give you detailed and suppportive feedback.

 This is part of what occurs during one-to-one O.R sessions at all levels and is a very relaxed,  hands-on and efficient way of learning about Reiki.


If you are already a therapist offering Reiki, you will receive proof of attendance for your CPD.

   'REIKI for LIFE'

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