Distance Treatments


 One of the first things you learn on a Reiki course is that

Distance is irrelevant to Reiki.

The main reason most of us tend to prefer hands-on treatments is that touch itself has a wonderfully soothing or healing effect. But as every Reiki 2 student learns, Distance Reiki can have just as strong an impact on recipients, if not stronger.

The conditions for optimal effect Distance Healing are as follows: 

  • the sender should be a compassionate person, experienced in channelling this pure Unconditionally Loving energy, ie they should know they must not try and direct, alter or be in the way of the Reiki flow in any way.  
  • the recipient should have an open mind and an open heart. All they need to do is relax and be sitting  or lying down comfortably while they enjoy their treatment.



  • We’ll email or chat on the phone beforehand if you have never received a Distance treatment, met me in person or would like more information on how to get maximum benefit from it, then make an appointment.

  • Since people often appreciate being able to see and talk to me before or during the treatment, I usually useSkype, WhatsApp or FaceTime.

    • If you are not a WhatsApp, FaceTime or Skype user, but would like to use your phone for part or all of the treatment instead, that’s fine.
    • Some people prefer to have no audio or visual distraction. (Reiki does not need any of the modern technology to work!)In this case, we will only phone or email each other a couple of minutes before the appointment, just to confirm we are ready.
  • Re payment, I will send you the OXFORD REIKI details for a bank transfer just before the treatment.

  • N.B:  Reiki often carries on working -for a few minutes or longer- after the treatment has ended. Please take this into consideration when you make your appointment.




  • Distance Treatments, just like hands-on treatments, can help with a great variety of conditions since Reiki systematically goes wherever it is the most urgently needed, whether on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level.
  • The only case in which Reiki would not flow -or not flow optimally- would be if the recipient did not want to receive it or was not sure about it, in other words was consciously or unconsciously resisting the process. Reiki never forces itself onto anyone - Reiki is very powerful Unconditional Love. 

  •  Distance Treatments are very good for children as well as pets (incidentally, if you are sitting quietly with your child or pet, you too should be able to feel the benefit from the wonderful Reiki energy!)    

         N.B: If we haven't met before, seeing a photograph or hearing your voice on the phone might          be helpful -though not compulsory. Thank you.

  • For more information please contact me at: [email protected]m  or tel:(+44) 7941 683797




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