• L.H, a psychotherapist and Reiki practitioner  

 '  “When pupil is ready, the teacher comes.” This has certainly been my experience. I waited many years to find the right Reiki Master, knowing my intuition would eventually point the way towards them when the time came. And so it has been with Ama. What shone out of her at our very first meeting was her gentle humility and integrity – a compelling combination in a teacher, especially such a powerful healer as Ama. Each attunement in Reiki 1 and 2 has brought its own gifts of insight and spiritual awakening, and each session of reiki with Ama has brought about profound healing. Having worked as a transpersonal psychotherapist for nearly 20 years I have long been familiar with chakras and energy fields, but the journey towards becoming a Reiki practitioner has taken this awareness to a different level. Along the way my trust has deepened, and my own process of personal healing has intensified far beyond my expectations. Ama has been a wonderful teacher, holding me tenderly in her own unassuming yet heartfelt faith – both in Reiki itself and in my capacity to be a channel of healing for others. She has taught not only the Usui system in its practice, but also the way of love itself, by living the truth of Reiki. She is a special person, who has become very dear to me – and I feel sure that she instils this simple openhearted affection in all who find their way to her, by being the generous soul that she is.'  

  • Dr H.A, PhD in Literature, and currently studying medicine

In August 2015, Reiki decided to come into my life when I was doing a Yoga teacher training in Costa Rica.
Returning to my old home of 5 years, Oxford, after travelling around the world, I looked for a Reiki teacher there and found Ama. We had a lovely first exchange of emails in which Ama made clear that if for some reason I felt like she was not the right teacher for me I could still cancel after the first contact. I really appreciated this attitude. Of course, there was no need to look anywhere else and to my surprise my boyfriend even joined us for Reiki I.

The whole experience - without any exaggeration - changed my life and my entire world view. I grew up without religion and spirituality - yet now I am sending Reiki to friends all over the world...
Reiki is pure and simple and while I first struggled to tell people that I - who had always been very rational and scientific in my approach to things - was now doing hands-on- energy-healing, I realised that people reacted very openly and with much curiosity to it.

Reiki is not at all „unscientific“. It is very easy to call something „unscientific“ when scientists have not spent much time researching energy work and things like distance healing. But scientists, of all people, know that time is a strange old thing.

Overall, I have become infinitely more happy, centered, and trusting in life. My experience with Ama has helped me greatly to develop as a person; her guidance and support have kept my feet on the ground while allowing me to open my (three) eyes to entirely new facets of reality as we know it.

Ama supported me with much patience, time and effort throughout my Reiki2 months during which I went through many growth spurts and little depressions that came naturally with this intense process of self-reflection and healing.

I am especially grateful to Ama for reminding me to stay humble and grateful and to not identify either with „healing successes“ or moments when apparently „nothing is happening“. Both cases are great teachers to not identify with the result: Reiki always does the right thing when we don’t interfere or block.

Humility, care, and love are what Ama stands for not only in her work as a Reiki Master but in every aspect of her life. She is a great healer, teacher, and role model for me and I am so grateful that I was and am able to learn from her. I can only recommend her both as a Reiki practitioner and as a Reiki teacher.You will barely find anyone who takes her teaching vocation as seriously as Ama and who will accompany your own path with as much care and compassion.Thank you so much, Ama! 

    • A.B, a healer, medium and hairdresser

I would like to express my gratitude to Ama for being such a  wonderful teacher and guide on such a soul level journey. Her gentle nature and connection to the universal energies is so pure. I feel Reiki has given me the connection I was looking for. Thank you Ama and thank you to all your spiritual team 

  •  D.R, a writer and photographer

'AMA absolutely embodies the essence of Reiki and radiates love.  She’s a very special person and extraordinary teacher and healer.  I hadn’t realised I was looking for her – needing her – until I found her.  And thank goodness – thank Reiki! – I have.  I first started seeing AMA in September 2012 and studied Reiki 1 with her.  This was at the start of what has been and continues to be a deeply transitional and healing time in my life, made much easier with Reiki and AMA’s astute and loving insights.  As I continue this journey, seeking a deeper connection, seeing AMA regularly for healing and her wise counsel has become essential.'


  • J.R, a Cellist and Reiki/M Technique Practitioner

'Ama is not only an exceptional teacher; she really embodies the true essence of Reiki.  It is rare to find someone who has the qualities of personal strength, integrity, humility and profound inner peace plus the gift to enable a student to unfold spiritually and find their own truth whilst also receiving such a comprehensive and insightful training. As a musician I know the importance of dedicated, inspired instruction and I feel blessed to have found Ama and to continue my Reiki journey nurtured by her generous, wise and pure spirit. 

  For me the structure to learning Reiki 3 was unique – six one to one sessions spread over a number of weeks with 24 case studies and time to absorb and apply new skills and to share healing together and receive feedback.  This refreshingly individual approach allows space for personal development and self-healing in a supportive environment. Ama has written her own original and in-depth manuals which embrace the simple purity of Reiki and draw upon years of experience and hours of reflection. I would thoroughly recommend Ama as a healer and teacher – she lives what she teaches.  Ama radiates Reiki and Reiki is her life.'


  •  C.M medium and healer

Ama's teaching of Reiki allowed my Soul to connect to the pure Love of Reiki energy. Ama's patience and gentle nature helped to give me all the encouragement to understand and work as a Reiki channel. Thank you, you beautiful Soul.


J.B a professional carer 


For part of 2014 I was living and working in Fremantle looking after an elderly lady.
I felt inspired to find a Reiki teacher so that I could learn how to give my client healing.
However, weirdly I was unable to find a teacher.  
Upon return to Oxford I was immediately drawn to Ama's website and booked a session, I
completed Reiki 1 & 2 and intend to do Reiki 3 when the time is right.
Ama is a brilliant and dedicated teacher and I am so thrilled to have found her.
To have the ability to self heal, to feel the loving energy is so empowering and to be able
to help others is such a gift.
Ama's method of teaching is extremely thorough with a lot of attention to detail.
Reiki is very profound and experiential and I heartily recommend Ama as a Master teacher.
  • M.M, an Educational Fundraiser 

' Learning Reiki with Ama's love and guidance has been a life-changing experience. The skills of self-care and care for others that I have acquired will be with me for the rest of my life - always there to help, no matter what the situation! Ama's knowledge of healing, her feel for energy, her depth and her compassion, have made studying Reiki a truly fulfilling and pleasurable experience that I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone. Thank you, Ama!'


  • B.R, an actor
 'Ama is a wonderful teacher and I’m so pleased I found her to introduce and lead me on my Reiki journey. I hadn’t had much experience of complementary therapies before meeting her, but even after my first session I was so moved I knew I had to find out more. She is the perfect guide as she gently, yet enthusiastically opens up this fantastic world.  Reiki is a wonderful discovery and Ama has been able to show me one step at a time, the many possibilities open to us all. She is very supportive and along with her  extremely well written and thorough course material, clearly explains everything as you go along and instinctively leads you in the direction you need to go. I believe there is no better way of discovering the many wonders of Reiki than through such an encouraging, understanding and wonderful teacher as Ama. She is the very embodiment of pure Reiki and an inspiration to us all.'
  • Dr B.N, an Oxford University researcher
  'Meeting AMA has been one of the most fortunate events in my life. It has certainly been a life-changing experience and looking back now I am amazed at how much difference she has brought about since we first met. I was looking for a reiki teacher for quite a while before finding AMA from her website. From our first session I started my wonderful new journey into reiki and I am still going...

AMA is not only a teacher and a healer, she is a living expression of reiki and self healing. My interaction with AMA has been a journey deep into myself. As the very best teacher, AMA helped me find my own personal truth. Her words and teachings bypass my mind and go straight to my heart, my centre of existence. AMA is love. This is the essence of AMA’s gift to everyone who is open to receive it.

My attunements and empowerments have been particularly strong. AMA’s great support and encouragement have seen me through many different phases in my life, always shining light into every corner of my being. 

I am going to continue my journey with reiki and I have already recommended AMA to several dear friends and I cannot recommend her enough to anyone – everyone. As I said before, everyone needs reiki and AMA is a spring of reiki. Thank you so much my dearest AMA and I hope that you are always well! You are always in my heart!'.
  •  V.C, a Teacher

 'I feel extremely grateful and blessed for having Reiki in my life. Reiki 3 has been particularly transforming for me...

I feel equally grateful to have found AMA. She is a pure, loving and wise soul who has helped bring light and clarity into my spiritual development and is constantly empowering me to move forward with Reiki as a tool.
In less than a year of having met her, I feel like a different person: happier and stronger....AMA does not teach Reiki, she lives it and it flows through her in its purest and most powerful way. It is not just her words and hands that heal but her presence, whether you are in the same room as her or not.
On a few occasions when I was particularly struggling and feeling low, I found in my Inbox a 'Thinking of you. Everything okay?' email. It always had a soothing effect on me, giving me the love and strength I needed. 
I clearly remember one of the first sessions we had when I could feel the flow of energy and a close connection to her soul. I felt incredibly peaceful and at ease with the intimacy of the experience. It was a beautiful way of interacting unknown to me until then, with no barriers, prejudice or judgement and I could feel her unconditional love. At the end I saw the brightest and most loving eyes I had ever seen  looking at me...
Thank you my dearest AMA.'    
  •  D.P, an Oxford University Philosophy post graduate.

 'Meeting AMA has been one of the most gratifying experiences I have ever had. Her peacefulness, her soothing energy and  her unique talent in understanding people of all different psychological make-ups and adapting to their own distinct ‘languages’, made me feel extremely comfortable with her from the very first moment.  AMA has so naturally guided me in the Reiki path of love and living, but has also been a great helper in all the different aspects of life relating to the transformations that Reiki brings about in ones’ self. I think it is remarkable how a person can so well combine such a gentle and calming discretion, that allows the student  her own space for discovering herself,  with all the honesty, directness and solidarity that a true  instructor is meant to exhibit. While so brilliantly instructing me, at the appropriate pace, in the Art of Reiki healing, she always allowed me to find my own path along the way and listened to whatever I had to contribute – something with made each and all of our sessions unique, beautiful and liberating.


 AMA is a real inspirer and messenger of Love, an excellent teacher and counsellor, but above all a genuine example of the Love and Light that Reiki healing inspires as a way of life. This is why my Reiki sessions with her have been such a loving, transforming, fulfilling and illuminating experience for which I am so truly grateful.'   

        H.K.T, a retired management consultant
 'I met AMA eleven years ago. That meeting changed my whole life. She was the first healer I had ever met.
Healing is not just what AMA does. Healing is what AMA IS. She lives it. It suffuses her whole being. Just to be with her is to experience healing. She is a life enhancer. When she treats me I feel as if my batteries are being re-charged (...)
AMA has many gifts. She is a gifted musician, teacher and psychic artist, but whatever she is doing, she exudes healing.' 
 (Note from Ama: This last testimonial was written 10 years ago by Howard, my soulmate, who passed away at Xmas 2014. Howard supported O.R unconditionally from day 1, and his ongoing love and support have been absolutely essential in establishing O.R's strong spiritual foundations. Eternally grateful to you, beloved...)                    


   'REIKI for LIFE'

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