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You may have read in books or heard from friends what Reiki treatments feel like. Their descriptions will have given you some idea, but it is not until you have experienced it first hand that you can really know what it is about.

Bearing that in mind, here is what most clients are likely to experience during a treatment:

  • Reiki really does work on all aspects of us, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 
  • Reiki always goes where it is the most urgently needed, whether the therapist or even the client him/herself are aware of that need or not.
  • Reiki is extremely gentle yet powerful.
  • Most clients report a feeling of deep relaxation and peaceas well as energising, during and after treatments.
  • This lovely warm feeling sometimes described as 'the Reiki glow' may last for hours or in some cases days after the treatment.
  • Many people report an improvement in their sleep pattern
  • Relief from physical pain
  • A lower level of anxiety (* feedback below)
  • The ability to deal with stressful situations with greater clarity and optimism  (* feedback below..)
  • A feeling of not being isolated any more... of being supported/ nurtured.


This (maybe surprising) last point is because Reiki Energy is not just 'chi' or 'ki', ie the neutral energy which flows through every living thing. The 'Rei' part of Rei-ki refers to the beautiful Unconditional Love energy which infuses this chi.

It is this combination of great gentleness and energy which makes Reiki unique and so popular in the Complementary Therapies world, and why therapists often include it in the services they offer.

To name a few, former OXFORD REIKI students can be found offering Reiki alongside Psychotherapy, Homeopathy, Massage, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Osteopathy, Aromatherapy, Crystal therapy, Beauty Therapy, Chiropody, EFT...





 After a short consultation (and a description of what to expect if this is your first treatment), you will lie down on the Reiki couch fully clothed. I will then place my hands on you very gently, or a few centimeters above your body if you prefer. Reiki works perfectly well either way.

  You are likely to feel comforting warmth almost straightaway. I will typically stay in one place for a couple of minutes -longer if more Reiki is needed in that area- then move on to the next hand position. 

 In this very peaceful environment, with quiet music playing in the background, essential oils, candles, salt lamps and the beautiful gentle energy of my Reiki room, you should find it natural and easy to relax, even if relaxing is not your forte.. 

 If you have come in with specific aches and pains, I will give my attention to those first, so you can start enjoying the treatment sooner. If the pain is mainly in your back/ shoulders/ neck/ back of the head, I will give them Reiki before you lie down on the couch. 

  Once you are lying on the couch you will not need to turn over half way through, as a) this would unnecessarily disrupt your deep relaxation and b)  Reiki can reach any part of you at any point, regardless of your position. If for any reason you had rather remain seated, that is also perfectly fine.                               

  Giving Reiki to acupuncture or reflexology points can be part of the treatment if relevant.

  If you are heavily pregnant, we can use my large comfortable beanbag or you will be lying on your side supported by as many cushions as you need. (Reiki for Mums and Babies)                                                                                               





(*) M.H, Oct 2012: 

'Overcoming fear of heights:

...'Throughout my life, one of the biggest hurdles has been an overwhelming, disabling and completely illogical fear of heights.  I would often have to change my route to avoid bridges or steep drops and couldn’t change light bulbs on the ceiling without anxiety. 

During the year I have been learning reiki, a job I was undertaking required me to spend a week up a six meter scaffold tower, something COMPLETELY beyond me!  However, in the days before and during, I gave myself lots of Reiki, and also asked Ama and other Reiki friends to send me distant healing.  The effect was remarkable… from the very start, everything was fine!  My level of anxiety was almost zero, nothing more than is healthy and natural when at a great height. 

It was such a profound change for me that it really impacted on how I see myself… If something so overpowering in my life can be overcome, then what other weaknesses and entrenched behaviours can be changed, just as deeply?!  Recently, I’ve put this “cure” to the test, crossing a very high bridge over fast moving traffic that in the past has made me hysterical.  The result on this occasion was that I repeatedly - and almost tearfully - crossed the bridge, completely without fear'... 

(*) C.R, July 2012:

...'Dear Ama, just thought I would give you some other feedback I had today. I saw a retired chap who I'd last seen a few months ago in clinic. He didn't recognise me!... He was expecting to see someone a lot older. It took a while to explain that I am the same girl he saw before. He said he had remembered an older woman, rather careworn and now I'm like a younger woman....' Thanks a lot!' I said.

I explained that I'd had months of broken sleep and heartache and that I am much happier now, largely thanks to receiving and now learning Reiki. I pointed out to him that my hairstyle was different, but he said no it wasn't just the hair, I just seemed happier and more alive. He said he couldn't get over it. I thanked him for making my day...'

(More Feedback)                              


 If you are not sure whether you  might benefit from Reiki, why not treat yourself to a one-off session? I will gladly talk to you about Reiki and answer your questions.




   'REIKI for LIFE'

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