REFRESHER COURSES are intended for people who studied Reiki with another teacher/ school but have not used their skills for a while and therefore may have lost their confidence.

  • As teaching material and styles vary a great deal from one lineage or teacher to another I only teach this course one-to-one so I can focus on your specific needs.
  • It is essential that student and teacher should feel comfortable with and respect each other. Please follow your intuition carefully when choosing a teacher. Reiki journeys can be amazing experiences so choosing the 'right' teacher will ensure you have a brilliant time.
  • I offer Refresher Course students a 're-Attunement' a) if they feel they have grown a lot since their original one or b) if they want to continue on to the next reiki level with me. These re-Attunements do not cancel out/erase anything, they just complement what is already there.
  • I shall need to see your Certificate(s) before we start, and possibly have a quick glance at the Reiki Manual or notes you were given for your original course. If you have lost your manual, don't worry. I also suggest that you do not read/study the original material again before you come to see me; this will make the transition easier. 
  • The aim of this Refresher Course is to help you rebuild your confidence and bring Reiki back into your life as soon as possible (not that it ever went anywhere... Reiki never disappears, only we do....).  In most cases this should mean just one x 2-hour session for a Reiki 1 Refresher, and usually two for Reiki 2.
  • If your intention is to continue on your journey with me and you have not practised giving Reiki much, I will explain what you need to do to catch up with the practical work expected of O.R students. Please contact me for details.



   'REIKI for LIFE'

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