A century ago, Dr Usui's Japanese students would go to his house for one-to-one tuition, where they would practise meditation, do energy exercises (Mikao Usui was an accomplished martial artist), chant mantras, discuss their spiritual progress, and receive regular 'Empowerments'. In-between sessions, they were expected to practise their new healing skills and write down their experiences, insights and questions in a special Reiki book. They could spend up to 10 years on the first 'Level'.

This gradual and very organic process is sadly no longer entirely practical in our modern world, but I do try and respect as much of the spirit and methods of Dr Usui's original teaching as possible. 

Not only does this one-to-one training address each individual students' specific needs, but the fact that it is spread over three x 3 hour sessions provides crucial personal support for the duration of the course.

 Since learning Reiki is a powerful Healing experience in itself, it may also bring deep feelings or memories back to the surface, which some students find easier to deal with in this highly supportive one-to-one context than they would in a group.


Should this one-to-one approach really appeal to you, but you live/work away from Oxford, or time is in short supply, please contact me and we will do your course over one weekend or two weekdays. Accommodation can also be arranged if needed.



  •   One-to-one:

3 x 3-hour sessions spread over 1-4 weeks. This gives you time to absorb the energies and the contents of the course at your own pace. You receive 40 minutes healing from me -with ample feedback- at every session as an essential part of your training. Flexible format. Weekdays or weekends.

NB: If time is short and you prefer your course to be concentrated over a couple of days, this can be arranged.

  •  Pairs (suitable for close friends, partners or relatives only)

 3 x 3-hour sessions over a period of 1-4 weeks. You each receive about 20 minutes healing from me at every session, and will be practising both on each other and on me. Learning Reiki with someone very close is beautiful and enriching to any relationship. Available weekdays or weekends.

  • Groups
Please find all the details on my Workshops page
NB: If you and a group of friends/ colleagues (3-5 people) wish to learn Reiki at the same time, I will be happy to run a workshop especially for your group. 
  •  One-to-one 

3 x 3-hour sessions over a period of 2-5 months. You receive about 30 minutes healing from me at every session.

Case Studies: Four treatments given to each of your 4 volunteers (16treatments in all) with your and their feedback recorded on Feedback Forms after each treatment. Plus 10 x 10 minute Distant Healing assignements.

Your Reiki 2 Certificate allows you to give Reiki professionally, or as a volunteer in hospitals, hospices etc if you so wish.

  • Pairs (for 2 close friends/ partners/ relatives who did R1 with me)

 3 x 3-hour sessions taught over a period of 2-5 months. Four treatments on each of your 4 volunteers with feedback for each treatment, plus 10 x 10-minute Distant Healing assignments.  

Professional Reiki 2 Certificate.

NB: An extra one-to-one 60 minute session, when you receive a full treatment from me, might be be very beneficial as part of your deep healing journey. Highly recommended but not compulsory.



  • One-to-one only 

 4 x 3-hour sessions spread over a period of 6 -9 months. You receive about 40 minutes healing from me at every session. 

Case Studies: 4 treatments each to 6 volunteers who clearly need Reiki. (24 treatments in all). Plus 10 x 10 Distant Healing assignments, also with feedback.

GENTLE WORD OF WARNING... This level is extremely rewarding, but it  always involves in-depth personal healing for the student, and therefore must only be entered if there is a serious desire for growth. I will be most happy to discuss this point with you in person. 




1. HOMEWORK 1: Reading/studying the latest version of my R1 or R2 manuals again, but this time from a Teacher's point of view...
2. SESSIONS with me: I used to offer teacher trainees the chance to observe me teach in real time, but as what happens during a session is even more sacred and personal now than it was in my first years of teaching, I no longer feel I can ask Reiki 1 or R2 students to let someone else be present on their unique  spiritual journeys.
Having said that, throughout my 11 fascinating years of teaching,  I have enjoyed observing and analysing the very versatile ways that Reiki touches and teaches students, and will be delighted to discuss all important aspects of any Reiki 1 or Reiki 2 session with you.
...then enjoy you practising on me...
3. HOMEWORK 2: After each session with me, you go and teach your own volunteer that particular session in your own environment.
You fill in your Teacher Training Feedback Forms and email them back to me after each  session. 
I send you my own feedback, and any advice that may be helpful for future sessions.
When you have covered all 6 sessions with me ( 3 for Reiki 1 and 3 for Reiki 2) and taught your volunteer all of them, you receive your well deserved Reiki 4 Certificate.




 Once you have experienced teaching R1 and R2 for a period of time and have undoubtedly grown a lot in the process yourself, you may want to book a couple of sessions on how to teach R3. (Highly recommended, but not compulsory)


 I am delighted that you are interested in this very rewarding and exciting one-to-one teaching method, and I shall be pleased to talk to you on the phone and/or arrange a meeting with you so we can discuss how to proceed from here.




 Although there is a clearly defined 'plan' for every class, every single session is unique because every student is unique, but generally speaking:

  • We start off by discussing your experiences and progress since the previous Session (or previous Level).
  • You then receive Reiki from me, which a) helps you feel deeply relaxed and centred, b) gives you important first-hand experience of the many different facets of Reiki and c)  raises your awareness of energy.
  • This is followed by your Attunement (about 5-6 minutes). 
  • We discuss your Attunement experience.
  • New material is introduced
  • Then comes the HANDS-ON part, in which you put into practice the various healing techniques you have learned and use me as your guinea pig (in my own training, we students were not given a chance to either receive Reiki from our teacher, nor to practise on them, which was a great shame). You will right from the start receive encouraging but honest feedback, which will greatly enhance your confidence.

 In-between classes, you are strongly encouraged to make notes -brief or detailed- about your Reiki experience. This experience is unique, and you will probably look back at these notes with fondness...






  •  R2 students -who will be qualified to work on the general public at the end of R2 if they wish to- are asked to give 16 treatments (4 treatments x 4 different people who clearly need Reiki). Once they have been taught how to send Distance Healing, they will also be asked to do some distant healing swaps with other O.R students, who will give them helpful (and appreciative!) feedback.


  •  R3 students give 24 treatments (4 treatments x 6 different people with more serious conditions - physical, emotional or both-). Although this may initially look a bit daunting, students actually find it highly enjoyable and an invaluable experience. Apart from producing very confident and competent healers, this method also enables students (who obviously keep records of all those treatments) to soon meet the requirements of the Reiki Council if they wish to become Registered Practitioners.


  •  R4 students much appreciate the support and guidance they receive at O.R when they start their own teaching. Teaching Reiki is a responsibility and can be challenging at times, so being able to keep in touch with one's own teacher can be reassuring.


 For more information on the material covered at the various Levels, please read the  COURSE CONTENT section.



   M.H, Oct 2012:

 ...'One-to-one training:

 Training with Ama over the last year has been great.  From the moment I first stepped through the door, there was an atmosphere of calm, trust and safety in which to learn and experiment. 

 The one-to-one approach means that there is plenty of time for hands-on-practice and to reflect on the experience, and for support through what is an intensely personal process.  In particular, I’ve enjoyed the slower pace of the courses, with time to take on board what I have learnt and experienced and to practice on a number of case studies. 

 For me, Reiki has been a profound learning curve and to go through the course quickly and without the individual space would have been overwhelming and lessened the depth of the experience.  Learning with Ama slowly and one to one has deeply enriched that process...'

 ...'Case Studies:
It was great to have case studies as a part of the training.  Working with a group of volunteers over a period of a few weeks taught me a lot about how people’s engagement with Reiki can change and develop as they become more open and I was able to observe the effect of the treatments on them - they were all very different.  It also gave me opportunity to think about how I present Reiki to clients and how a treatment actually works.  This approach has, I think, increased my professionalism, experience and Reiki skills enormously'.

...'Self Reiki:

One of the most fascinating aspects of learning Reiki has been adopting the practise of self Reiki.  This is now (almost!) a daily practice, and one that I instantly notice the absence of on the increasingly rare occasions when it doesn’t take place.  As a student of Reiki, it is a useful tool to be able to practice any time on yourself and to learn how to “receive” and feel the energy more clearly.  It also has all the benefits of a full reiki treatment, but as many times a day as I feel the need!  Most importantly for me, though, self Reiki has provided me with what I think of as a safe, calm, happy “place” that I can return to at any time, whatever the situation'.

...'Distant Healing:

 For me, distant healing was one of the main attractions of Reiki.  Some of the most important people in my life live at great distances, as is true for many of us, and I felt a strong need to be able to support them and respond to the needs of the people I love, regardless of how often I see them. 

And I have been delighted with the response!  
Recently, a friend with a life threatening illness has been grateful to receive Reiki, and phoned me to tell me she knew when I was sending as she could “feel it in her bones”.  A few other friends have said similar things, and now phone and ask for Reiki when they need it… Distance doesn’t effect my love for them, and now Reiki enables me to act on that'.

   'REIKI for LIFE'

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