AMA 25/10/2013


This is a very exciting time for Reiki. It is also sadly a time of slight confusion for people who are drawn to it but haven't yet received or been attuned to itHow do they choose a Practitioner or a Teacher?


 I believe that when the level of negative energy rises anywhere, this automatically has a galvanising effect on the level of positive / healing energy, in accordance with the age-old law of Balancing. 

No need to expand on the manifestations of negativity, they are everywhere for everyone to witness.

But thank 'goodness', so is Reiki...

 A lot of people have now experienced Reiki first hand, let alone heard of it. Anyone who has received Reiki knows that it is the most gentle loving caring -as well as powerful- healing form available in these troubled times.

 Whatever language it is taught in in the world, whatever slightly different format it takes depending on the traditions developed in our particular lineage, REIKI IS ALL ABOUT LOVE.

A Reiki person can usually recognise the Reiki energy in another Reiki person straightaway. It comes through as simplicity, joyfulness, inner peace, unconditional loving and giving.

So what is confusing about that? 

Nothing! Reiki is a 100% positive force...


The trouble is that the term 'Reiki' is now increasingly used as a fashionable generic term for any kind of hands-on or Distant Healing.

 I have received so called 'Reiki' from people, some of whom were undoubtedly very conversant with/ sensitive to energy, had developed quite strong personal energy resources they could tap into for healing purposes, or indeed were effective channels, yet the essential ingredient, LOVE, was totally missing.

 The Reiki energy is so uplifting and deeply healing that when you have experienced it, you just do not want to receive any other form of healing energy. Nothing can compete with or replace the warm, comforting, totally accepting, consistently empowering nature of Reiki.

 Luckily I have never come across any practitioner operating under the 'Reiki' banner,who actually  had dishonest / harmful intentions. Sadly, as in every other field of human activity, those very lost characters do exist however, and we know that their highly reprehensible actions may temporarily give Reiki a bad name in some circles

But should we let those isolated individuals undermine in any way the magnificent gift TRUE REIKI is to us all, particularly at a time when healing is SO badly needed all round?

My answer is obviously: NO we mustn't!!! We must carry on sharing this greatly life-enhancing energy in any way we can, with typical Reiki gentleness and care, and encouraging any newcomer  to use and increasingly trust in their 'Rei-dar', or spiritual intuition, to choose one of (the millions of) beautiful Reiki practitioners and teachers now offering Reiki worldwide.





 AMA 22/11/2013


I often hear: 'We are all healers, to varying degrees, right? Healing is a natural process. I have been doing Reiki for a long time without any form of training, why should I get attuned now?'

  Right, let's have a look: 

1. 'we are all healers, to varying degrees... '

  Any form of unconditionally loving attention or TLC can be very healing. The little kid who has just fallen and hurt his knee does indeed feel better when mum gives her loving attention to the knee, puts her reassuring hand on it or 'kisses it better'. Yes that is healing. And in that way, either physically or emotionally, we can all improve or help to 'heal' situations with our love.

 Having said that, even within this category of natural healing processsome people have a higher healing potential than others, depending on their degree of empathy, compassion, motivation etc. To use a simple comparison, everyone can use crayons or paint and produce some sort of 'art', but not many of us would be considered great artists.


 2.  So yes, Healing is essentially 'natural process' 

 But if we want to become stronger and more reliable healers, we need to choose one of the following options:

a) learn how to develop our own energy resources so we can transfer energy to recipients whenever needed.
b) train to become a channel of healing energy
c) train to channel Reiki

 There is a massive difference of approach between a) on the one hand, and b) and c) on the other.

a) The biggest difference is that healers choosing the a) route tend to be more interested in the power aspect of healing. They are usually extremely aware of and sensitive to the 'energy changes and exchanges' constantly happening in and around us. They will know how easy and quick it can be to 'lose' all one's energy, and therefore will have developed techniques for both regaining, maintaining or enhancing their own energy levels efficiently.. These healers tend to have a strong energetic 'presence'. Love is usually not involved.

  b) and c) however are not about developing personal power, but about channelling healingenergy.  The healing energy is 'outside' the healer,who is taught how to humbly forget about him/herself in order to act as a bridge between a much more powerful energy and therecipient.

b) does not teach or encourage the use of the energy for self-healing. Love is not always an ingredient of this channelled energy.
c) Reiki is Love. Reiki is the channelling of the Love Healing Energy which is circulating freely all around us all the time (hence the frequent translation of Reiki as 'universal' life energy), but which we can not necessarily access all of the time. In fact sadly a large minority of mankind seem entirely cut off from this Love Healing Energy altogether. And many of us only occasionally manage to resonate with it.

 Unless we have been attuned in person by a Reiki Master, our connection with the energy will be erratic, unreliable. What Reiki attunements do however is to give us a chance to be -and remain- connected to this Love Energy and have it flow through us both for self healing or for helping others whenever we want. The connection is instant, simple, always there for us, and it gets more and more powerful with use.

Reiki helps us feel better on all physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. It is warm and unmistakably loving energy, which gives us great inner peace.

 Mankind is incredibly blessed to have been given access to this beautiful energy, as millions of us around the globe already know, who gratefully use it on a daily basis.


3) So going back to the person saying to me: 'I have been doing Reiki for a long time without any form of training, why should I get attuned now?', I will say: you havent been doing 'Reiki', you have been a natural healer, you don't need to be attuned to Reiki to be able to do that; but if receiving the gift of permanent access to unlimited unconditional healing Love greatly appeals to you, maybe it's time to consider finding yourself a nice teacher you resonate with to attune you...?


  And please remember: If it's not Love, it's not Reiki...





   'REIKI for LIFE'

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