is an unbelievably precious gift to us all, which sadly does not always get the deep respect it deserves.

Not a day has passed since I qualified as a 'Master' in 2007 without me discovering some new facet/ application of Reiki.

Not only is Reiki itself forever fascinating, but the relationship each one of us has with it is unique and constantly evolving. Although I have now taught many students in a one-to-one basis and given hundreds of Attunements, I can honestly say I have never been bored for even one second... Each student's experience, their deepening connection with Reiki and my own experience as their 'guide' have been unique.

That is why, apart from giving a couple of one-day workshops a few years ago for the experience, I have carried on teaching one-to-one since the beginning. 

Given the growing demand for the OR training method however, I have analysed the contents and dynamics of my Reiki 1 course and divided it into two parts:

a) what is best taught one-to-one 

b) what can be taught to a small group without losing the quality

and come up with this new format.


Here is how it works:


1. We first have a one-to-one 2 hour session, when you receive your first Attunement, a 20 minute treatment from me with ongoing feedback, plus get plenty of practice feeling the new energy. This session will be held at a time of your choice within 2 weeks before workshop day. (For people coming from further away and intending to stay in Oxford overnight, I should be able to see you the day before the workshop provided I get enough notice.)

2. Then a whole workshop day, (usually on Sundays) in which you will be taught how to practise Self Reiki, and how to give formal treatments to your friends /relatives. You will receive your second one-to-one Attunement. 

3. Then we have our last one-to-one 2 hour session once you have completed your 'homework' (giving 6 treatments to friends /relatives) in your own time. You will receive your final Attunement, another 20 minute treatment from me with ongoing feedback. Then it will be your turn to give me a treatment (by that time, this may surprise you now but you will be pretty confident already!), after which I shall be delighted to give you your well deserved OXFORD REIKI Certificate...


For more information on this exciting format, please feel free to contact me.



   'REIKI for LIFE'

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