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Many people have had first hand experience or heard of the great benefits of Reiki for physical or emotional healing.

What -sadly-far fewer people know is what remarkable impact Reiki can have on us spiritually. Many of us have lost our connection with our spiritual level, while some of us never had one in the first place. Typically this disconnection brings a sense of confusion or emptiness, of feeling lost or hopeless.  

How many people come to see me saying that on paper they have nothing to be unhappy about, yet they cannot shake off this feeling of emptiness in their lives. The other way they can describe it is that they feel they are not themselves, or in their Truth.

Although many people still get a lot of solace and comforting from their religious practices, more and more of us are looking to reconnect and maintain this connection with our true or 'higher' selves through simple practices. 

Reiki is very powerful and versatile, yet the practice of self Reiki could not be simpler, gentler and more instant.    



   'REIKI for LIFE'

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