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I am delighted to be able to announce you can now combine your Reiki training or treatment(s) from me with a wonderful break on the Isle of Wight.

Since April this year (2016), thanks to the kind cooperation and loving support of my regular clients and students, I have been able to concentrate all of my Oxford Reiki teaching and treatments over a certain period every month so that I can also focus on my other passion: writing (on spiritual awareness matters). 

Last March, I suddenly felt irresistibly drawn to the Isle of Wight and to Ventnor in particular, the beautiful small resort town in the South East of the island, whose emblem I later discovered was ... Hygeia, the goddess of Health!

When I went back there the following month my steps led me straight to the astonishing sub tropical Botanic Gardens (Ventnor is lucky to benefit from a microclimate), where Freya Turner, who runs The Wellbeing Experience there, happened to be looking for a Reiki Practitioner...

Ventnor is one of the most enchanting parts of this enchanting island, and the Gardens are just breathtaking. So inspiring and healing in themselves.

I absolutely love giving Reiki there as the Reiki energy is so totally in tune with the place (everyone agrees...)

As you may know, the more relaxed you are when your treatment starts, the more you will benefit from your treatment. Because people are already very relaxed from wandering around the gardens, or if they havent got a ticket/pass for the garden, from just sitting at the Plantation Cafe for a few minutes, they are simply ready to receive the healing energy right from the start and have a great session.


The treatment/teaching room itself is a good sized, very light and sunny room, which still has its beautiful original wooden floors. The air you breathe at the gardens must be the healthiest possible air, with all the Eucalyptus trees and thousands of other subtropical plants and trees all around- let alone the sea which is only 300 yards away! (the Botanic Gardens back onto a very picturesque coastal path).

Please note you don’t have to pay any entrance fees to the gardens when you come for Reiki as the treatment room is located right at the top of the gardens, at the far end of the car park. But of course if you havent already visited the gardens I thoroughly recommend you do. This will enhance your Reiki experience tremendously.

And should you wish to come for regular treatments, the garden's annual passes are extremely good value -and include free parking!

For more details on my workshops and one-to-one teaching in Ventnor, please see AMA'S REIKI WORKSHOPS ON THE ISLE OF WIGHT.

For any other details on this exciting new development, please contact me on [email protected]. Thank you!  

   'REIKI for LIFE'

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